[Sust-mar] Seed Saving workshops with Dan Jason and Owen Bridge

Owen Bridge owen at annapolisseeds.com
Mon Aug 16 20:45:40 EDT 2010

Hi Everyone, 

This Owen Bridge from Annapolis Seeds, just
emailing you about a special series of seed saving workshops that I'll
be putting on later this month with my friend and mentor Dan Jason,
who's coming out from Salt Spring Seeds in BC. We're holding one in
Halifax on the 22nd, one in Middleton on the 25th and one in
Bridgewater on the 29th. Dan is one of Canada's most renown seed savers
being the founder of Salt Spring Seeds and the Seed and Plant Sanctuary
for Canada and having authored 12 books to date. On top of all that
he's also a really swell guy! I can largely credit him with inspiring
me to get into seed saving years ago. Hope to see you at one (or more!)
of the events if you can make it.  I've added more information below. 

And if you can think of anyone else interested please do spread the word!
-Owen Bridge

-Halifax Workshop: 3:00 to 6:00 at the Spryfield Urban Farm, August 22nd. 
Cost: $25 for the general public and $10 for Urban Farm members. An
intro to seed saving at the urban farm! We'll have a garden walk and
talk about as many crops as we can cover, as well as hands on
demonstrations (bean threshing, tomato fermentation, etc..) and
discussions on the deeper political and philosophical aspects of seeds
and urban food production. Contact Su Donovaro to register:
urbanfarmspryfield at gmail.com
-Middleton Workshop: 2:00 to 5:00 at Annapolis Seeds (8528 Hwy 201, 
Nictaux), August 25th. Cost: $25 Come
visit the seed farm and learn the fun and increasingly crucial art of
saving seeds. Some topics covered will include pollination, threshing,
organic growing, the importance of maintaining biodiversity as well as
a garden walk to discuss specific techniques for each crop. All
knowledge levels welcome! Limited number of participants... contact
owen at annapolisseeds.com or 825-4732 to register and reserve your spot. 
-Bridgewater Workshop: 10:00 to 3:00 at Watershed Farm (768 Allen Frausel 
Road, Baker Settlement), August 29th. Cost: $55 Part of a very special 
weekend at Watershed Farm, the workshop is closely tied with the first 
annual Watershed Music Festival on
the 28th (1:00 to dark). On the 28th we'll have lots of music and
different workshops throughout the day, and on the 29th we'll have a
slightly more advanced (and much quieter!) seed workshop. We'll go into
great depth for this one covering each crop individually as well as
covering broader topics like threshing and storage. Also exciting will
be a lesson on hand pollination of squash from local squash guru Chris
Sanford! Included is a delicious organic lunch along with snacks,
you'll get to head home with seeds of both mine and Dan's as well as
seed garlic from Watershed Farm. You can register online at 

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