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Liz Smith liz.smith at nb.lung.ca
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Do you want to harvest and sell fiddleheads, wild mushrooms, or other wild
products from the forest?
What are GACPs?  GACPs are voluntary practices developed by industry, for
industry, as a tool to help you grow, collect, handle, and (or) process a
variety of plant (and animal) products sustainably, ethically and safely.
Many harvesters already follow ethical, sustainable practices. However, in
today's world, just saying you do things right is not enough.  Can you prove
you do it right and why should 'I' take your word for it? 
Why do I need this training?  I KNOW how to collect and handle fiddleheads
Like it or not, starting in 2010 at least one of the major grocery chains
(Loblaws-Superstores) WILL NOT purchase any wild collected food UNLESS the
vendor has a GACP system in place.  THIS INCLUDES FIDDLEHEADS.  
Why are the rules changing?  The public is demanding that systems to ensure
food safety are in place. It is only logical that stores like Loblaws are
responding to this by demanding greater accountability from those from whom
they purchase goods.   It is likely safe to assume that the other chain
stores will not be far behind.  
How will this training session help me? Growers/collectors who participate
in the voluntary Good Agriculture and Collection Practices Program will
benefit greatly by reducing risks on their operations, ensuring food safety
and improving traceability throughout the entire value chain. Many buyers
(including wholesalers) are already asking for proof of a GACP system before
they will purchase raw materials.   When you have a GACP system and IF you
are practicing it, then if a problem arises,  you will be in a better
position to prove the safety and quality of your product. 
Who should attend?  Anyone who wants to harvest and sell fiddleheads, wild
mushrooms or any other wild edible foods.  Even if you are not looking to
sell directly to a grocery store, the training can help you as an individual
or as a member of a cooperative. 
When? Thurs., February 11, 2010: 0900 to 1600  AND Fri., February 12, 2010:
0900 to 1200
Where? Cedar Room, Central NB Woodmen's Museum
Registration?  To register, please contact Sarah Carson Pond at 369-9810 or
uppermiramichiclerk at nb.aibn.com <mailto:uppermiramichiclerk at nb.aibn.com> .
Attendance in limited to 25, so please register early.
 Cost:  $20.00
If you want more information on the program please contact: Connie Kehler,
CHSNC Executive Director and CHSNC OFFS Technical Committee Lead at:
shsa at sasktel.net <mailto:shsa at sasktel.net>   or Ron Smith:
rsmith0225 at rogers.com

Liz Smith
Director of Public Education
New Brunswick Lung Association
65 Brunswick St. 
Fredericton, NB
506-455-8961, ext. 105
fax: 506-462-0939

When you can't breathe, nothing else matters.
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