[Sust-mar] Help save our train service: Use the 50% discount to/from the Maritimes

Marcus Garnet garnetm at halifax.ca
Tue Feb 9 08:33:50 EST 2010

Ridership has slumped on the Maritimes' one remaining train service. 
This is due to low airfares as well as the U.S. recession.  Once again,
we are starting to hear rumours about possible service cuts.  This is
ironic because the U.S. is buying into passenger rail in a big way.  Why
can't we support it here?

If ever there was a time to demonstrate support for passenger rail as
an environmentally beneficial and low-stress travel alternative, it is
now.  And the best way to vote for keeping our existing train service is
to use it!  So here's some good news:  for a limited time, you can
travel coach or sleeper on Via Rail between Montreal and the Maritimes
with 50% off.  Here's an excerpt from Via's website:

50% off adult regular peak fares in Sleeper and Economy classes, aboard
trains Montréal - Halifax (Nos. 14, 15, 614, 615) and Montréal - Gaspé
(Nos. 16, 17, 616, 617). 
Valid for travel between January 6, 2010 and June 14, 2010 (inclusive).

Advance purchase is required. For Sleeper class, bookings must be made
no later than 1 day in advance of departure, and for Economy class no
later than 3 days in advance of departure. For both classes bookings
must be made no later than April 30, 2010. 
The number of seats and sleeping accommodations offered on this
discount is limited.

Check out http://www.viarail.ca/en/winter-fares/maritimes .  Try the
train and spread the word!

- Marcus Garnet, Transport Action Atlantic (formerly Transport 2000

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