[Sust-mar] Jim Merkel and Radical Simplicity

Margaret Tusz King margaret at tatacentre.ca
Thu Jan 21 20:16:49 EST 2010

Radical Spirituality - Radical Simplicity: A weekend retreat with Jim Merkel

March 26 - 28; Fri 7pm to Sun 1pm

Tatamagouche Centre

Meet Jim Merkel, the inspiring author of Radical Simplicity and founder of the Global Living Project, who has lived on an equitable slice of GNP ($5000) for 16 years. Explore how much of the world's resources are fair and enough for you, your neighbours, other beings and future generations. Transition your lifestyle to align with your spiritual values; transform our unsustainable culture. This workshop will engage your heart and mind toward a practice of deeply sustainable and equitable living.

For further information or registration, please contact Tatamagouche Centre www.tatacentre.ca or 1-800-218-2220.

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