[Sust-mar] Green Transportation Clearing House for Nova Scotia

Tanya Canam tcanam at clean.ns.ca
Tue Jul 20 08:53:06 EDT 2010

Clean Nova Scotia is developing a Nova Scotia-wide clearinghouse for green
transportation information.  We are interested in information on all aspects
of green transportation including active transportation, public
transportation, carpooling, transportation demand management for communities
and workplaces, climate change and air quality, fleets, fuel efficiency, and
health and safety.

            We are asking various organizations to help us source the
information we need to develop this resource for Nova Scotia.  We are also
looking for web links to all organizations in Nova Scotia which provide
services, support and information to the public including private business
which provide alternatives to single occupant vehicle transportation.

            Particularly, we are looking for champions in each region that
can help us out with as much information specific to groups, trail systems,
organizations, clubs, etc... in their area.

            If your group or organization would like to be included on this
website or have information or resources that could help us in its
development, please contact Tanya Canam at tcanam at clean.ns.ca or by phone at
902-420-7924.  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Yours truly,

Tanya Canam

Clean Nova Scotia

Transportations Program Coordinator


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