[Sust-mar] The Green Interview

Silver Donald Cameron sdc at thegreeninterview.com
Tue Jul 20 11:22:01 EDT 2010

The Green Interview (www.thegreeninterview.com) is a 
recently-launched environmental web site where I do long, thoughtful 
interviews with leading environmentalists from all over the world -- 
Canada, the US, England, India, Bhutan, and more to come. People find 
it impressive, and I think it's a useful response to the 
environmental crisis. The people I interview talk about the issues 
brilliantly and passionately -- but also very approachably and 
understandably, and the overall tone is one of hope. Yes, the 
situation's bad, but brilliant, generous people are working hard to 
deal with the problems in imaginative ways. That's the fundamental 
message of the site.

The news item here is that we've just released our interview with 
Elizabeth May. We've already posted interviews with James Lovelock, 
Vandana Shiva, Paul Watson, Jeff Rubin, Dave Hughes and Farley Mowat. 
Satish Kumar, editor of Resurgence Magazine, is next -- and we have 
an exciting lineup to come.

Thus far it's been financed from savings. It's a subscription 
membership site, however, because ultimately it has to pay for its 
own costs. There's a deep discount for students, seniors and people 
on low incomes.
Much of the content is free, and non-members can subscribe to the 
blog or the newsletter, and can follow us on FaceBook or Twitter.

I invite members of this list to take a look, enjoy one long 
interview at no cost,  and let us know your reactions.

Silver Donald Cameron

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