[Sust-mar] ecological and cosmological workshop experience

Margaret Tusz King margaret at tatacentre.ca
Fri Jun 11 10:36:07 EDT 2010

Darwin, Divinity and the Dance of the Cosmos: An Ecological Christian Experience

August 13 - 15

Tatamagouche Centre

Within the transformational community of Tatamagouche Centre, awaken to a spirituality of awe and wonder, and fall back in love with Creation! Using experiential processes and conversations with author, Bruce Sanguin, rediscover your deep connection with the earth. Recommit to the Great Work of repairing the planet, through theological and cosmological models that offer deep confidence in the capacity of human beings generally, and the church, specifically, to step up and transform our ecological crisis into opportunities for the emergence of a new humanity. 

Bruce Sanguin is author of the bestseller, Darwin, Divinity and the Dance of the Cosomos, and is a director of the Be the Change Earth Alliance. Ann Evans, his partner, is a marriage and familyl therapist. They both love to lead workshops together, and are excited to come to the Maritimes from British Columbia for this program! See also www.brucesanguin.com.

For information or to register, please contact Tatamagouche Centre 1-800-218-2220 or www.tatacentre.ca

Margaret Tusz-King
Program Director
Tatamagouche Centre

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