[Sust-mar] fund raising

Paul Falvo falvo at yk.com
Fri Sep 10 05:13:45 EDT 2010


Thanks again for your generous offers to contribute to sust-mar. 
Sust-mar is free to you. It is not free to operate. Sust-mar has been a 
labour of love for over a decade!

Peter and I contribute our time to operate the list. We are grateful for 
contributions of money to pay for the list hosting.

Easiest way to contribute  is to send a cheque payable to "Web Networks" 
to Peter Watson at:

22 Aurora Avenue
Halifax, NS, B3P 1H4

Peter has offered kindly to compile the cheques and send them in to Web 

Several of you have great ideas for fund raising, etc. Suggestions 
accompanied by offers of help are particularly welcome. Consider 
donating proceeds from your next garage sale to sust-mar!

Thanks again

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