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Mon Apr 25 11:57:22 EDT 2011

*Sustainable Economics Intensive*

*The Genuine Progress Institute*

*July 6-16, 2011, Halifax*

Learn to use the tools that can shape public policy for positive change.
This course provides hands on training in how to count what really matters:
valuing natural capital and social capital; going beyond the GDP to measure
real wellbeing; full cost accounting that counts human contributions as well
as environmental costs; how to work at the community level; proving the case
for environment versus profit - and your own contribution!

*The Genuine Progress Institute* is the first of an annual series of
workshops on a system of full-cost accounting called the Genuine Progress
Index, delivered by GPI Atlantic and partners. The Genuine Progress Index
accounts for the social and ecological values, benefits, and costs that are
ignored in our conventional GDP-based economic system. The course will look
at why the Genuine Progress Index is necessary, what it looks like, and -
most importantly - how to apply it.

Participants will learn methods for measuring the value of key assets, such
as forests, water resources, unpaid work. They will also learn to measure
the costs of liabilities such as preventable illness, pollution, greenhouse
gases. This Institute will give you the tools and skills to understand and
build a sustainable economy.

Regular Price: $880

Student Price: $550

For more information  or to register, please contact:

gwen at gpiatlantic.org

alex at gpiatlantic.org


Phone: (902) 489-7007  or (902) 489-7117


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