[Sust-mar] Moving Water workshop at Windhorse Farm

Steve Murray steve at windhorsefarm.org
Mon Apr 25 15:15:38 EDT 2011

Moving Water Workshop June 3-5
Windhorse Farm
with Larry Bell and Sebastien Marquis

Learn how climate change or climate shifts have influenced torrential rainfalls in the Maritimes on a regular basis over the past couple of years. These increased, significant, volumes of water are the largest negative impact on our aquatic ecosystems. This far exceeds other forms of air and water pollution and other human activities that man seems destined to influence on his environment. During this weekend we will learn the use of indigenous botanicals and in-stream methodologies to control erosion, silt loading and contamination reductions, bio-remediation techniques, and water volume and travel rate management. Visit the following website for more information: http://www.windhorsefarm.org/pages/programs-events/moving-water-workshop.php

To register call 902 543 6955 or email info at windhorsefarm.org

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