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It's come to my attention that the attached press release I recently 
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* August 22, 2011

Halifax, NS --

The Green Interview is happy to announce the release of a new interview 
between host Silver Donald Cameron and renowned primatologist Dame Jane 
Goodall. Goodall is world-famous not only for her trailblazing research 
with wild chimpanzees, but also for her international environmental 
advocacy and for her youth organization, Roots and Shoots.

"Naturally, we talked a great deal about the human relationship with 
animals,  particularly wild animals," says Silver Donald, "and I was 
smart enough to bring MacTavish, my little Shetland Sheepdog, to the 
interview. Jane Goodall loves dogs, but she now travels 300 days a year 
advocating and raising funds for environmental initiatives, so she can't 
have a dog herself. But I just thought it was silly to talk with Jane 
Goodall without any animals present at all.  She and MacTavish bonded 

"She was particularly brilliant on the relationship between a healthy 
environment and a robust economy. People often talk as though we had to 
choose between job creation and respect for the environment. The truth 
is, if you wreck your environment, you also wreck your economy. Jane and 
her people have been doing a spectacular job of enlisting people around 
the chimpanzee preserve in Tanzania in the task of restoring their 
sustainable lifestyle by restoring their clear-cut forest."

Dr. Cameron noted that, as a Nova Scotian, he is particularly sensitive 
to the relationship between environment and economy.

"The destruction of the Atlantic cod stocks was one of the world's 
greatest ecological disasters," he said. "It destroyed 40,000 jobs in 
the fishery and devastated hundreds of coastal communities. If we'd 
protected the fish and its habitat, we'd still have the jobs."

The Green Interview also recently posted Silver Donald Cameron's TEDx 
talk on Bhutan, an entertaining, heavily-illustrated account of the tiny 
Himalayan nation and its decision to pursue Gross National Happiness as 
opposed to Gross National Product.

"Gross National Happiness sounds flaky, but in fact it's extremely 
realistic -- and it leads to good results," Silver Donald explains. "If 
we'd been paying attention to the long-term happiness and well-being of 
our community, we wouldn't have wrecked the fishery. If you measure 
progress by dollars alone, you end up with desperate people in a ruined 
landscape. Bhutan provides a whole alternative approach."

The Jane Goodall interview is available at 
http://www.thegreeninterview.com/Jane-Goodall-interview.  The TEDx talk 
is posted at www.thegreeninterview.com/tedx. For more information, 
contact Silver Donald Cameron at sdc at thegreeninterview.com or call 

The Green Interview is grateful to the Prince George Hotel in Halifax, 
NS, which generously provided space for the Jane Goodall interview.

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