[Sust-mar] The Green Interview: New list and new content

Silver Donald Cameron sdc at silverdonaldcameron.ca
Sun Aug 14 13:48:43 EDT 2011


As everyone receiving this note probably knows, TheGreenInterview.com 
promises its subscribers a new interview every month, and we try to do 
better than that, issuing an interview roughly every three weeks. We 
announce the interviews through blog posts, Facebook and Twitter and a 
Newsletter for registered users of the TGI site.

I've long wanted to do something more pro-active for influential and 
sympathetic people who don't necessarily follow the site very closely, 
and I've finally put together a list of such people, including the 
sust-mar list. My notion is to send out a very brief email -- one or two 
paragraphs -- describing each new interview or other major presentation 
as it's issued.

Our next two guests, incidentally, will be Ronald Wright and Jane 
Goodall. In the meantime  I'm happy to report that the video of my 
17-minute TEDx talk on "Bhutan and the Pursuit of Gross National 
Happiness" is now posted on the site, at www.thegreeninterview.com/tedx  
This heavily-illustrated presentation is essentially a live version of 
our Bhutan documentary, and it's free.

If you want to see it live, and even ask questions,  I'll be presenting 
the same talk on behalf of the Ecology Action Centre at the Bloomfield 
Centre in Halifax, NS, on September 12. And if you know any other group 
that you think would be interested in hosting the presentation, please 
ask them to email me at sdc at thegreeninterview.com.

Warm regards
Silver Donald Cameron
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