[Sust-mar] Grenzgang, Border Walk

Michelle Ferris michelleferris at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 08:15:12 EST 2011

*Friends of Redtail Society Invites You To **Grenzgang, "Border Walk"*

December 30th at 1pm

We would like to invite you to join us for the 3rd annual *Grenzgang*.* We
will gather at the brook on MacBeth Road in advance of a 1pm departure. We
will walk Craig's Way. Hot drinks will be served afterwards.

Be sure to dress for the weather, including good footwear for hiking and
possible snowy/wet conditions.
Snowshoes may be needed, depending on the conditions.
Bring refreshments for the walk.

Please let us know if you’re able to attend, it will help us to prepare:
friendsofredtail at gmail.com.

** Grenzgang is a German tradition in which all of the villagers gather
together at the end of the year and walk the borders of their community. It
was a way of symbolically bringing the year's business to a close and
checking the community's boundary markers. The villagers would together
ensure their border was secure and identify anything in need of repair. It
is a tradition that continues to this day and although it is much more of a
party now, it continues to provide an important connection to place.*

* *

*A similar tradition in England was called "Beating the Bounds" on Rogation
Day.  Historically it took the population and electorate of the Parish
around its borders stopping at the 'mere stones' to take refreshment and to
beat the younger members of the flock so that they would remember where the
stone was in case they were needed to make oral testimony as to the
existence and placement of the markers.*




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