[Sust-mar] New Program Encourages More Hiking in NS

Hike Nova Scotia info at hikenovascotia.ca
Thu Feb 3 22:04:01 EST 2011

New Program Encourages More Hiking


Many hikers would agree that the reward lies not in reaching the end of the
trail, but rather in the journey itself. Even so, Hike Nova Scotia believes
a reward at the end is great too and, to this end, it is pleased to announce
the launch of the Hiker Distance Award program. The program aims to motivate
potential and current hikers to explore and enjoy the wonderful hiking,
walking and snowshoe opportunities available in our beautiful province.


"We know that working toward a goal can often motivate people to become more
active," says Janet Barlow of Hike Nova Scotia. "So we figured supporting
people to reach some distance milestones might encourage more new hikers to
get out on the trails as well as reward the experienced hikers."


The Hiker Distance Award program recognizes hikers for hiking, walking or
snowshoeing significant distances within Nova Scotia over the course of a
year. Participants will tally their kilometres using a log book. Hikers who
tally 150, 250 or 500 kilometres within one year, will receive a pin to
commemorate their achievement. For more details about the program, go to the
Hike Nova Scotia website (http://www.hikenovascotia.ca/distanceawards.cfm). 


"While the reward - a pin - is rather small in relation to the
accomplishment of hiking these distances, we feel the recognition and
bragging rights are the real prize," says Barlow. Those who earn the 150-,
250- or 500-kilometre pins will also have their names posted to Hike Nova
Scotia's honour roll.


Hike Nova Scotia, a nonprofit organization, encourages and promotes hiking,
walking and snowshoeing throughout Nova Scotia. Membership in Hike NS means
keeping up-to-date on the latest hiking news and having a say in its many
projects. Hike NS is supported by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and


A good way to kick off tallying your hiking kilometres is to take part in
one of a series of guided snowshoe events and hikes scheduled to take place
this month. Hike Nova Scotia has a list of events on its website at
www.hikenovascotia.ca <http://www.hikenovascotia.ca/> .




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