[Sust-mar] Upcoming Farmland Protection Rally: Show Your Love for Local!

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Mon Feb 21 09:15:23 EST 2011

Rally of Support and Call for Action on Farmland Protection

When: Saturday February 26th, 2011 at 11 am 

Where: Halifax Seaport Farmers Market, Pier 20, Terminal Road
Who: No Farms No Food & the Food Action Committee of the Ecology Action

What: Music, Marches & Messages from local food lovers and producers!

Our Message: 
Nova Scotians want access to healthy local food which fosters food security
and support for our farmers. We are asking the Provincial Government to take
action on farmland protection in Nova Scotia by:
. Immediately rejecting the decision of the Kings County Council to rezone
382 acres of prime agricultural land in Greenwich, NS. These lands are our
province's bread basket and represent some of the finest soil in the
province for food production. Allowing these lands to be lost to commercial
and residential development is entirely short-sighted. Greenwich is a
tipping point and would set the precedent for much more farmland to be lost
to development in this province. 
. Adopting and enacting the recommendations of the 2010 Agricultural Land
Review Report prepared, at taxpayer expense, for the Department of
Agriculture. Enacting the recommendations set forth in this progressive
document would ensure that Nova Scotia has sufficient fertile farmland to
feed its population now and into the future. 
. Implementing a strong policy to protect and preserve agricultural land as
irreplaceable rural infrastructure which provides long term sustainable
employment opportunities, agro-tourism, wildlife habitat preservation, as
well as sustainable and healthy foods. 
. Developing a provincial Food Policy which empowers consumers, supports
local farmers, and results in the production of local food which positively
impacts our soil, our health and our community.

Join us! Together we'll ensure that our government steps up to the plate! 

Keltie Butler
Food Action Committee
Ecology Action Centre
keltie at ecologyaction.ca

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