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               BIOSOLIDS  - SOIL  CONFERENCE                             
                    SUNDAY MARCH 13th-PIER 21 

9.00am -9.15 - Opening remarks by Lil Mac Pherson

9.15- 10.15am Screening Sludge- Diet this film shows the disastrous
consequences of biosolids and the need for Government to ban it's use on
land in Nova Scotia..

10.15- 11:00 am Q & A Panel Discussion with:
Dr David Lewis - Retired EPA Microbiologist forced out of EPA for telling
the truth. 
Jim Poushinsky - Chair of Ottawa Citizens Against Pollution and Sewage,
assisted with Ottawa interviews in Sludge Diet film 
Dr. Marilyn Cameron - Veterinarian, Chair Biosolids and Waste Water Caucus
of Nova Scotia Environmental Network Protecting our Environment, Food and
11:00- 11: 15 am Coffee break

11.15 am- 11.45 - Special Guest Speaker - Dr. David Lewis " Common Sense
versus Documented Cases"  health effects of land applied sewage sludge.

11.45 - 12:15  Discussion.

12:30 - 1:30 pm Lunch Break- Farmers Market.

1:30 - 2:30 pm Screening   "Dirt" this film shows the importance of healthy
soils - "this resource is more valuable than gold" 

2.30 - 3:15 pm Q & A Panel Discussion with:
Dr. Av Singh,- Organic & Rural Infrastructure Specialist at AgraPoint in
Nova Scotia working with organic and small-scale farmers .
Dr. Jason Hofman - President, Food Soil Web Canada East.Background in plant
physiology,biochemistry, molecular genetics,composting and soil ecology.
Logie Cassells - Managing Director of La Have Forest creating North
"Next Generational' Organic Centre for Agriculture and Forestry in Nova

3.15-3.30pm -    Coffee Break

3:30pm - Scott Travers President and COO of Minas Basin Pulp and Power
"Turning A Problem Into An Opportunity will discuss the potential in Nova
Scotia to extract safe and efficient energy from biosolids "  followed by

                                        Closing remarks & Summation.

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