[Sust-mar] Commuter Challenge invitation 2011

Spencer Fowlie sfowlie at clean.ns.ca
Wed May 11 14:19:25 EDT 2011

Commuter Challenge Invite 2011

*Say what?*

   - The commuter challenge is a friendly competition between Canadian
   cities and workplaces
   - Encourages Canadians to leave their cars at home
   - Rewards walking, cycling, carpooling/ride-sharing, taking transit and
   - Celebrates active and sustainable transportation

*Say when?*

   - A week-long event during Canadian Environment Week (*June 5 – 11, 2011*

*How does it work? *

   - Click here <http://www.commuterchallenge.ca/?lang=en>to register your
   workplace and/or yourself
   - During the week, log in to track your commute
   - This will track impacts on emission, calorie consumption, distance and
   fuel cost savings

Contact city coordinator, Spencer Fowlie for more information.
sfowlie at clean.ns.ca

Spencer Fowlie
Program Officer
Clean Nova Scotia
*Inspiring environmental change

*126 Portland St, Dartmouth, NS
B2Y 1H8
sfowlie at clean.ns.ca <kharrison at clean.ns.ca>

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