[Sust-mar] Celebrate Nature Play Day Canada on June 15th!

J. Barlow wonder at senseofwonderee.ca
Fri May 20 07:59:41 EDT 2011

Celebrate Nature Play Day Canada on June 15th!

On June 15th, the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada and its members,
collaborators and fans are encouraging all Canadians to get outside and

For more information, inspiration and to register your event go to
<http://www.natureplayday.ca/> www.natureplayday.ca.

WHEN: June 15th , 2011

WHERE: In communities, schools, businesses and households across CANADA!

WHO: Parents, grandparents, educators, schools, families, youth, communities

HOW: Register your Nature Play Day Canada event at
<http://www.natureplayday.ca/> www.natureplayday.ca and pledge to
participate in an outdoor activity on June 15th. If you have children in
your life, be sure to bring them along! Your activity can be as simple as a
picnic in a local park or as extravagent as a community festival! Registered
events will be entered to win prizes!  Also resources are available online
to help with ideas and inspiration.

Help us SPREAD THE WORD! Please invite your friends and colleagues to
participate in Nature Play Day by forwarding this message!  Also, visit us
at  <http://www.facebook.com/childnaturecanada>

"At its root, nature is empowering.  We must tap into this abundant source
of energy. The renewing power of the natural world sustains us, our children
and our fellow Canadians.  Nature Play Day reminds us that it's OK to be
outside.  It's OK to play and get grass-stained knees, dirty palms and a
sticky shirt.  It's more than OK...  It's necessary!!"  

- Adam Kreek, Olympic Gold Medalist & Nature Play Day Ambassador


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