[Sust-mar] Alchemy for the Forest: Turning forgotten treasures into Trees

Michelle Ferris michelleferris at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 06:45:21 EST 2011

Alchemy for the Forest: Turning forgotten treasures into TREES

A fundraiser for Friends of Redtail Society

You have heard the mystical tales of people who possessed the secret of
turning natural materials into gold. How about practicing a little alchemy
of your own; turning gold and silver into trees.

If you have you been hanging on to that broken chain or other unused pieces
of precious metal, why not turn them in to support the preservation of a
special piece of Nova Scotia forest.

>From now until mid December a fundraiser will be underway to help Friends
of Redtail Society complete payment for 313 acres of a beautiful upland
forest region of Pictou County. This has been a long haul. The Society has
been working diligently for over 3 years and is now only 20,ooo short of
its 250,000 goal. With your help, the Society can repay the loan it
incurred to complete the land purchase one year ago. This will not mark the
end of the road, just another beginning as the Society moves to revision
and restore relationship with the forest.

Donations of unwanted pieces of gold and silver jewellery and coins can
turned in to Nova Poirier or be dropped off at the White Lotus, Provost
Street, New Glasgow any time before December 16th. The lot will be sold for
best price and all profits will go to Friends of Redtail Society.

For information or to arrange a drop off, contact Nova at 485-4688,
nova3 at redtailnatureawareness.ca.

For information on the FRS Sheltering Forest Campaign go to

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