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Radical Spirituality - Radical Simplicity: A weekend retreat with Jim Merkel

October 28-30, 2011

Friday 7 pm to Sunday 1 pm

Imagine a potluck buffet that includes not just food and water, but
materials needed for shelter, clothing, healthcare, and education. How much
is enough for you, or your neighbours to take - not just the people, but the
wildlife, and also future generations? How will you transition your
lifestyle to align with your spiritual values and transform our
unsustainable culture? 

This workshop will engage your heart and mind toward a practice of deeply
sustainable and equitable living and introduces tools for sustainable design
such as ecological footprinting, permaculture and Biomimicry. Participants
will explore changes in their personal lives that will have significant
benefits for themselves, their families and the Earth. 

This course will assist you in:

1.    Understanding how simplicity and sustainability lead to long-term
peace and security and healthy culture and ecology.

2.    Saving money and time. 

3.    Establishing a personal sustainability goal.

4.    Applying ecological footprinting and Your Money or Your Life to assess
your progress.

5.    Aligning actions with your spiritual truth.

6.    Learning how locavore living and permaculture build resilience and
decrease vulnerability to 'the economy' and globalization.


Leadership: Jim Merkel is an American author, volunteer, and engineer who
moved from involvement in the military industry to pioneering in simplicity.
His book, Radical Simplicity: small footprints on a finite Earth offers a
path to deeply sustainable way of living respectful of all life. His recent
work helped Dartmouth College earn high grades on the Sustainability Report
Card issued by the Sustainable Endowments Institute.  Jim founded the Global
Living Project and currently writes, lectures and consults with campuses and
municipalities on sustainability initiatives. For 16 years he lived on an
equitable slice of GNP ($5000). His loves include gathering wild edibles,
being in the wilds, playing bass and digging potatoes.


Cost: $375 ($215 tuition + $160 meals/accommodation)

Contact Tatamagouche Centre: tatacent at tatacentre.ca 1-800-218-2220



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