[Sust-mar] Discussion: Environmental Bill of Right for NS

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Tue Apr 10 15:25:00 EDT 2012

Join others in a discussion regarding a ENVIRONMENTAL BILL OF RIGHTS FOR

* Environmental Bill of Rights meeting

*Tuesday, May 8th at 7pm

*Veith House, 3115 Veith St. Halifax (or by conference call)

ECELAW (East Coast Environmental Law) www.ecelaw.ca and NSEN are partnering
up to begin a discussion regarding a NS Environmental Bill of Rights.

 Nova Scotia would benefit from legislation that does the following:

- imposes a legal duty upon the provincial government to protect Nova
Scotians’ right to a healthy environment;

- improves access to environmental information;

- provides whistleblower protection for Nova Scotians who report
environmental crimes;

- improves access to justice; and

- improves government accountability by giving Nova Scotians the right to
bring the province to court when it fails to implement its environmental

90 countries have embraced the right to a healthy environment, and afford
it the same legal protection as other core human rights like the right to
liberty, security and equality.  The time seems opportune to push for
similar environmental protections in Nova Scotia given the recent
legislative reviews and the announcement that Ecojustice has started a
major environmental rights campaign.

PLEASE RSVP by May 1st by e-mailing Janelle:
nsenvironmentalnetwork at gmail.com or calling 902-454-6846 if you are able to
attend in person or by conference call.

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