[Sust-mar] We and the Earth are One

Margaret Tusz-King mtk at eastlink.ca
Tue Apr 17 07:00:14 EDT 2012

Welcome to a day of inspiration and deep connection, with the Aboriginal 
Rights Coalition - Atlantic:

*/We and the Earth are One/*

*Shifting our Worldview to Shift our Planet*

(an Educational Day with the Aboriginal Rights Coalition -- Atlantic)

Saturday May 5, 10am to 4pm

Tatamagouche Centre

Globally, we are struggling against the weight of great shifts -- of 
power, of political will, of resources -- away from the needs of people 
and the environment. What do we need to also shift within ourselves, in 
order to understand these dynamics and find surer footing? Join 
*gkisedtanamoogk* (co-founder of the Aboriginal Rights Coalition -- 
Atlantic, and Wampanoag educator) and *Miigam'agan* (Traditional Mik'maq 
community educator) for an inspiring day of learning and wisdom. Be 
challenged to shift your worldview, clarify what grounds you as a human, 
discover emerging possibilities and find allies in our struggles.


Most of us are unaware of our own worldviews. In Canada, we have tacitly 
accepted a society that is largely based upon unspoken religious tenets, 
assumptions of separation from the natural world, and dependence upon 
man-made systems created for efficiency and profit.

For First Nations, the land is inseparable from being human; the Earth 
is the source of life and culture, or the Way of Being; what befalls the 
Earth befalls humanity. Life styles at one time reflected this dynamic 
of relationship. Today, First Nations have much experience with the 
endless intrusion of Canadian socio-political, socio-economic and 
socio-religious expressions, that have legally deprived First Nations of 
Life and possessions.

However, we know that, for more countless generations, humans lived here 
and thrived. Their well-being was directly connected with their 
abilities to understand and live within the needs of all natural life 
here. For the past 500 years, this homeostatic society has been 
destroyed, along with the natural world that supported it. The First 
Peoples here talk about living according to 'our original instructions'. 
What are those instructions? Why is it important for us to know them now?

Please come and join us in this important discussion. It could change 
your life. And it could lead to change everyone else's on Turtle Island too.

Cost: $30 (includes program, snacks and a fabulous lunch!)

Several bursaries are available, so don't let cost stop you from 
attending. Ask for one when you register.

To register, please call Tatamagouche Centre 1-800-218-2220, or 
www.tatacentre.ca <http://www.tatacentre.ca>

The Aboriginal Rights Coalition -- Atlantic was formed in the 
mid-1990's, and works toward greater understanding among First Nations 
and non-Aboriginal people in the Maritimes. Thanks to the Peace and 
Friendship Project for their partnership and support in this program.

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