[Sust-mar] 40 days left , please get involved and pass on to all who are interested, thank you , Michel!

Michel Palmer openeyeswider at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 29 20:37:25 EDT 2012

Opportunity to preserve a beautiful wilderness area on the
North Mountain! 


To all my friends, supporters, and
Awakened Dreamers who are interested in protecting Mother Earth at a local
level – PLEASE READ! There is now the possibility to protect 380 acres of land
surrounding The Oasis.


Hi, I am Michel Palmer and this
letter has been written to seek your support in protecting a beautiful
wilderness area on the North Mountain near Middleton in the Annapolis Valley,
N.S. Presently there is a 380 acre piece of forested land for sale next to my
land, The Oasis, which I have first right of refusal to purchase. The final
date to make this purchase is June 15th, 2012 (Money has to be in Trust Fund by June 05/12!!!), and currently
there is a competing offer from a former owner who plans to create a Christmas
tree plantation on this natural woodland. Every day I wake up knowing that I
must do something – everything that I can to prevent this from happening.
Mother Earth herself is speaking about the need to awaken other human beings so
that we can come together and create a beautiful synergistic project of the
human spirit. 


My ideas include helping to create a
caretakers society, an Eco-village, an association or shared ownership model to
better steward this land. There are many possibilities for what this could look
like and I am open to a range of diverse models. For this I will seek collaborative
input and ideas from all stakeholders who want to participate. I envision a
project based on organic and permaculture principles to create an ecologically
sustainable place of healing; a creative, artistic space that will allow many
people to belong, share and take part in protecting this land.


What can be done? Action plan


The first step is to purchase and to
secure the land. The deadline is June 15th, 2012 (Money has to be in Trust Fund by June 05/12!!!). The price of the
land is approximately $190,000, and I am now seeking investors able to extend a
loan of at least $5000, with an annual rate of return of 4% interest for 2
years; Parker & Richter Law Firm in Greenwood N.S. has been retained to
provide notarized promissory notes to secure the loan. 

The next step will be to bring
together all stakeholders into a formal Association, Executive Membership, or
Board of Directors which would then purchase the initial loans and accumulated
interest, ultimately creating a supporting membership of caretakers. These same
people will come together with a shared vision for the future of the land.

          For those who want to
invest less than $5000 or for less time than 2 years, arrangements can be made.
For further information, please contact Michel Palmer at (902) 825-3954.
Telephone is the preferred means for communication, I am presently still on
dial-up Internet.

                                              openeyeswider at hotmail.com



those who want to make small contributions go to:


Thank you very much for your time and attention to this matter – please support
this project.

-Michel Palmer

Procedure for Investing


For those that have pledged financial support, or those that
are interested in supporting this project, the procedure is now in place to
send your funds to the trust account that has been created. Working in
conjunction with Parker and Richter Law Offices, in Greenwood, NS, we have
developed a trust fund for all investments that are collected. The procedure is
as follows:

1/ Please mail a certified cheque, bank draft or postal
money order payable to “Parker and Richter In Trust” and write on memo line
“for Michel Palmer.”(If mailed after May 25th/12, please send by
Priority Post)

2/ Certified cheques to be sent to : Ron Richter, c/o Parker
and Richter, PO Box 629, Greenwood, NS, B0P-1N0.

3/ Please make it very clear when sending funds whether or
not you choose to receive the four (4) % interest option or the zero (0) % interest
option that some investors have selected.

4/ When sending your certified cheque
or bank draft please include your name, telephone number, a valid email address
and a mailing address so that clear communication can occur.

5/Send an email to Michel at openeyeswider at hotmail.com letting him know, when
it was sent, how much was sent and what option was chosen.


How this
Trust Fund Works


monies received by Parker and Richter Law Offices (www.parkerandrichter.com)
will be deposited into a designated bank account that can only be utilized for
the purchase of this land. When cheques are received, they are cashed and
deposited into this account. When this occurs, Parker and Richter will issue a
receipt of the deposit and send an electronic copy of the Promissory Note to
the email address supplied by the investor. At this point, the funds and the
original Promissory Notes, are held in Escrow, which means they can only be
used for the purchase of the land. 

When the land is purchased, the original Promissory Note
will be mailed to the address supplied by the investor. It is at this point
that interest will start to accrue.

for some unforeseen circumstances, the land is not purchased, Parker and
Richter will issue a cheque for the value of the original investment and return
it to all investors.

thank you for your time and attention! Michel!

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