[Sust-mar] Passing gas: Peter Kent and Canada's bogus GHG emission targets

Christopher Majka c.majka at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon Aug 13 12:15:59 EDT 2012

Last week Canadian Environment Minister Peter Kent delivered some  
startling environmental news:

"Canada is now half way to its target of reducing total greenhouse gas  
emissions by 17 percent from 2005 levels by 2020. This is the result  
of the Harper Government's realistic, sector-by-sector approach to  
greenhouse gas regulations that is reducing emissions, while  
continuing to create jobs and encouraging economic growth. Last year,  
we were one-quarter of the way to our goal. And now we're half way  
there. This shows the significant progress we are making in meeting  
our Copenhagen commitment."

But is this true or is Minister Kent simply passing gas onto the next  
generation? In fact, as my analysis makes clear, the government is  
simply blowing smoke. Using fabricated "no government actions" figures  
-- made up without any indication of methodology or assumptions --  
allows Minister Kent to say that since 720 Megatones (Mt) is halfway  
between 607 Mt (the objective) and 850 Mt (the fantasy figure) that we  
have achieved a 50% reduction. This is the equivalent of saying that  
we have already won 50% of the medals we are planning to win at the  
2020 Olympics -- and just about as meaningful. In fact at best, even  
aspirationally, we are only on track to achieve only 9% of our  
Copenhagen Accord target by 2020. For more information see:

Passing gas: Peter Kent and Canada's bogus GHG emission targets

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