[Sust-mar] Practical Tactical - Social Media workshop at Tatamagouche Centre

Meghan MacCulloch meghan at tatacentre.ca
Wed Aug 22 11:11:23 EDT 2012

Expand your Social Media skills for your organization/campaign with internet
strategist, researcher, and CBC broadcaster Jesse Hirsh. 

>From social media strategy to persistent public relations, from web
publishing to hacktivism, this workshop is for those who are eager to expand
their communications scope and delve into the technologies that have sent
thousands onto the streets in the Arab Spring, focused fundraising campaigns
through cell phones, or educated policy makers through online petitions,
blogs and twitter. 

Since the early days of the internet there has always been the promise of
democratization and the potential for social movements and community
organizations to make waves, command attention, hold the powers that be
accountable, or spread the word of the things we care about to more and more
people. Yet the reality has been an internet that resembles a shopping mall
rather than a public square ripe for political and social activism and
dialogue. The core configuration of the still "new" media allows for the
ability for social movements and democratic gadflies to seize the day and
carve out new spaces for public interest, activism and public policy.

This workshop will be hands on, combining theory and practice as we work
together to talk about and use the toolbox/skillset required to run
network-centric organizations, and network-centric campaigns. Bring your own
project (idea/concept/network/campaign) to work on or work on one that is
spontaneously started at the workshop.

Program Cost: $585 ($430 tuition+$155 meals/accommodations) 

Please register at least 2 weeks in advance to secure your spot in this

Tatamagouche Centre: www.tatacentre.ca or call 1-800-218-2220



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