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Off-grid cabins at Windhorse Farm


Come and enjoy the fresh, still woods at Windhorse Farm, the beauty and
burble of the partially frozen brooks, and cozy up in a wood fire-heated

January availability for our forest retreat cabins is listed below. Call our
office at (902) 543-6955 to place bookings.

Each unique cabin is nestled in a quiet part of the farm, either in the
forest or garden. A small wood stove provides heat in the winter; a 2-burner
propane stove is for cooking; fresh water is provided from our well; there
is an outhouse near-by; for bathing you will have use of the shower in the
"Chat Room" at the farm house. Depending on the cabin,  light is by candle,
solar or propane. 

A wood-fired sauna is located in front of the pond for all guests to enjoy. 

Cabins are between $40 and $48 per night and are rented for two nights or

Blue Dragon suits 1 to 2 people (1 double bed)

Available January 7-11, 14-25, 28-31


Will's Cabin suits 1 to 3 people (in loft: 1double & 1 single bed)

Available January 2-18, 21-31


Happy Jack suits 1-2 people (in loft)

Available January 1-11, 14-31


Sweetwater suits 1 person (1 single bed)

January 1-31

Gift certificates are available for any product or service at Windhorse

We look forward to welcoming you here!

Amanda Bostlund
Venue Coordinator and Host
Windhorse Farm
132 Sarty Road, RR#2
New Germany, Nova Scotia  B0R 1E0
office: 902. 543-6955
info at windhorsefarm.org
www.windhorsefarm.org <http://www.windhorsefarm.org/> 


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