[Sust-mar] Tantramar Transportation options

Marcus Garnet garnetm at halifax.ca
Mon Jan 9 11:35:35 EST 2012

Just a couple of thoughts to bear in mind for the Trantramar
transportation initiative and Jan. 21st workshop....

- Don't forget there's still a train service between Amherst and
Sacville.  The times aren't as frequent or reliable as they used to be,
but one idea would be to include train departures and arrivals in any
on-line ride-matching website that may emerge from this project.  The
future of the historic, centrally located Amherst station could be in
jeopardy if people don't start using it more, so anything that could
boost train ridership to/from Amherst would really help!  Via Rail's
website is at www.viarail.ca 

- The Amherst station building is underutilized and could be a useful
hub for any minibus or van services, or perhaps for a community
dispatching office.  

- Another logical hub could be the gas station/convenience store on
South Albion Street where the Acadian Lines buses stop.  

- A really radical idea would be for Acadian Lines and Via Rail
services to be coordinated and to interconnect at the Amherst train

Best wishes for this worthy local transportation initiative, 

- Marcus Garnet, President, Transport Action Atlantic

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