[Sust-mar] Workshop on Deveolping Effecitive Boards

Meghan MacCulloch meghan at tatacentre.ca
Thu Jan 19 12:28:24 EST 2012

Upcoming workshop at Tatamagouche Centre, great for those involved with
boards of NGO's and community organizations. 


Strategic and Effective Board Governance

Feb 17 - 18, Fri 10am to Sat 4:30pm

Effective board governance rarely happens by accident. If you want to
revitalize and energize your board this workshop is for you! Develop an
understanding and explore techniques for creating strong boards that lead to
vital organizations. Workbook included.


Workshop will :

.         provide an overview of the key elements of a strong board.  

*	introduce framework and tools for participants to assess their own
board strengths and areas for improvement.   

Leadership: Bruce Smith is an organizational consultant, mediator and
facilitator based in Liverpool, NS. He works with not-for-profit boards on
all aspects of governance, including board-executive relations, monitoring
and evaluating performance, board development and strategic planning.


Cost: $300 ($205 tuition + $95 meals/accommodations)

Please register at least 2 weeks in advance to secure your place.


For Details and Registration:

Contact Tatamagouche Centre: www.tatacentre.ca or call 1-800-218-2220

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