[Sust-mar] A Canadian Energy Policy

Christopher Majka c.majka at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon Jul 30 14:00:26 EDT 2012

Hi folks,

Sust-mar subscribers will doubtless be aware that last week the  
provincial and territorial leaders from across CAnada met in Halifax,  
NS for the annual Council of the Federation meetings. One of the main  
items on the agenda were discussions towards creating a national  
Canadian energy policy. Those interested might want to take a look at  
two articles I wrote for Rabble.ca on this topic:

	The turning tide: Canadians and our energy future

At the Council of the Federation meetings a national energy strategy  
is on the table. A new poll shows what Canadians want from their  
governments, and it's much more than simply a pipeline non-aggression  

	Canada's energy future: Wise strategy or rapacious sellout?

A Canadian energy strategy is a critical priority. At the Council of  
the Federation premiers have taken a tentative step. To succeed they  
must set aside parochial squabbles and provincial boundaries.

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Christopher Majka

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