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Silver Donald Cameron sdc at silverdonaldcameron.ca
Thu Jun 7 15:01:19 EDT 2012

Hi, all:

Just want to share with you the news that next Wednesday we're going to 
premiere the first long-form video documentary I've ever produced. 
Details below. We intend to live-stream it on the web, and have showings 
simultaneously in the affected villages: Freeport, Jordan Bay, Port 
Mouton, St. Andrews NB.  Wolfville also wants to do a showing, and there 
may be other centres. There will be later showings in Shelburne and 
Sheet Harbour.


*Salmon Wars: Wild Fish, Aquaculture and the Future of Communities* is a 
wide-ranging exploration of net cage salmon aquaculture and its social, 
economic and environmental impact on the communities where it operates. 
This eye-opening 70-minute video documentary surveys industry 
representatives, community activists, scientists, environmentalists and 
politicians, including Nova Scotia's Minister of Fisheries, Aquaculture 
and Environment.  Financed entirely by citizen donations and designed 
for free distribution on the internet, *Salmon Wars* probes not only our 
stewardship of the oceans, but also the alliances between industry and 
government,  the ability of local communities to influence their own 
futures, and the health of democracy in Atlantic Canada.
Salmon Wars* will premiere as part of the Oceans Film Festival at the 
Spatz Theatre in Citadel High School, Halifax, at 7:00 PM on June 13, 
2012 -- and simultaneously in other centres and on the internet. The 
event is free of charge.

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