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      Greetings from Motheroak Permaculture,

this is to announce our "Designing for Resilience" workshop with Alex
Denicola, scheduled for Saturday&Sunday November 24/25(rain or shine). i
realize there might be conflicts, but this is my first choice. On the other
hand, if enough people want it the following weekend--Dec1&2, we can do
that *instead.* Given the time of year and  space considerations, the
weekend is limited to ten people, so please sign up soon. If you'd prefer
to arrive on Friday evening, that's ok too(bring your own breakfast please)
if arrival is between say, 7-9:30pm. We are also encouraging folks to *bring
along a (pre-made)* *rough sketch of your home place*/ land area; a
relatively accurate scale is helpful, along with outbuildings, garden
areas, livestock pens, contours/watersheds etc. for Sunday's design
activities. Cost for the weekend is $95, or $80 meals included if you
attended our tour workshop in July.

Arrival 8:30-9am (Coffee&tea available)
9am- welcome&intro circle
9:45 a brief(1hr) tour of the site
10:45-12:30 discussion covering future scenarios, elements of resilience
and transition, and how this might relate to us. What does it mean to
12:30-2:00  Lunch&walk break
2-5:30 (with a tea break thrown in)- in depth discussion of applied design
principles and the permaculture "toolkit of strategies & techniques" using
our site as an illustrative working model. We will also look closely at
creating sensible&  resilient options in the designing of water catchments,
microclimates, food production and storage, shelter enhancements, and more.

 6pm- Supper and a relaxed social evening. Bring your musical talents! We
do have some interesting documentaries to watch if you're so inclined. BYOB

7:30-8:30 Breakfast
8:45-12:45  Intro to Design process and exercise:
Using participants' sketches of their own places, we will play and explore
with what we've learned to see what possibilities arise in making creative
and usually simple design changes that enhance function, yield, and
resilience as well as reducing energy use.

 1:pm Light lunch, closing circle, and departure.

Call alex at 792-7041 if you need more info. i could give one person a
modest discount for helping out with kitchen etc. Let me know, thanks.

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