[Sust-mar] Morris House MOVING SOON!!

kim thompson shipharbour at ns.sympatico.ca
Wed Nov 7 11:59:04 EST 2012

OK ALL!   Hold onto your hats.

The MORRIS IS MOVING!!  For anyone who hasn't heard yet ......  it is true!

	Target date is NOVEMBER 25th.      Less than three weeks away ...GASP!
The historic, tough (and charming) building is moving from downtown Halifax to the North End corner of 
Creighton and Charles Streets ... 4.5 km! through the city's core.
Once settled it will be rehabilitated and an addition constructed to provide affordable housing for nine young adults.

To make this amazing project happen we have launched an 
Indiegogo campaign and WE NEED YOUR HELP.
Please check it out at .....   http://www.indiegogo.com/MorrisHouse    ....  it is fun too.

Key to this kind of campaign (we are told) is that the Indigogo site needs to be circulated far and wide
with an enthusiastic endorsement from yourself! Please share on facebook, email lists etc. and be sure
to sign on yourself for a hand crafted gift of thanks for your contribution to the project.

For more information, after you've visited  http://www.indiegogo.com/MorrisHouse
Check out our home page: http://morrishouse.ca/

It is almost three years since a determined group of people dreamed BIG and a saw an opportunity
to save the little 1764 building from demolition and showcase how older buildings can be made 
energy efficient and stay in community service. It is happening! In spades with Metro Non Profit Housing, 
The ARK, Ecology Action Centre and Heritage Trust leading the way and with the help of many, many other groups and individuals.
THANKS TO ALL. Please check our website http://morrishouse.ca/ for updates and how to get involved. 
Or contact the Joint Action Committee for the Morris
	Carol Carlebois – Metro Non Profit Housing 466-8714        
	Kim Thompson – Ecology Action Centre  453-2429
	Linda Forbes – Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia 469-3695

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