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Tue Oct 9 17:52:06 EDT 2012

Please find a list of FREEOctober events for Young Naturalists Club Chapters around the Province! 

 you are interested in leading a YNC presentation or field trip in any 
of these locations or are interested in starting a YNC in your 
community, please feel free to contact Robin at yncns at yahoo.ca. 

Rockweed and Other Native Seaplants
Saturday October 27th: 10:00am-11:30am  
Jef Achenbach from Acadian Seaplants will talk to us about the native Rockweed that Acadian Seaplants sustainably harvests off our waters; its habitat, how it is harvested, and how it is used. He will also talk to us about other native seaplants and their uses and maybe bring us some samples to eat! We will meet at the KCIC. For more 
information contact the AV YNC Volunteer Leader, Deann MacLean dnmcln at ecologyfund.net

The Fascinating World of Insects
Saturday October 20th at the Museum of Natural History (10:30-11:30)
Andrew Hedba, Biology Curator at the Nova Scotia Museum, is going to give us the low down on insects and help us to learn to 
identify some water insects we see on our field trip this month when we 
go pond dipping. We are also going to have an insect hunt at the Museum.  For more information contact Robin at yncns at yahoo.ca

Field Trip: Watershed Walk and Pond Dipping at Shubie Park
Sunday October 28th: 1:00pm–3:00pm 
Valerie Francella, from Clean Nova Scotia 
will teach us about watersheds and their importance. Valerie will talk 
about the creatures that inhabit watersheds and we will have a chance to do some pond dipping as well. Wear rubber boots for this one! We will 
meet at Shubie Park. Please contact Robin at yncns at yahoo.ca to register for this field trip

Being a Naturalist and Nature Journaling
Saturday October 27th: 9:00am-12:00pm
What does it mean to be a naturalist?  What do naturalists do and 
why are they important?  What skills do naturalists need?  Robin 
Musselman from the Young Naturalists Club of Nova Scotia will talk to us about being a Naturalist and we will hone our “naturalists skills by doing observation and 
recording exercises. In particular, we will spend time exploring the 
nature journal as a recording tool used by naturalists and even start on our own journals! We will meet at the NSCC Pictou Campus. For more information contact Tabitha at tabbycats at ns.sympatico.ca or Bonnie at bugsy.27 at hotmail.com

Medicinal Plants with Laurie Lacey
Saturday October 13th: 1:00pm–3:00pm
Laurie Lacey will help us explore the world of 
medicinal plants. We will take a walk on the trails at the MARC in 
Bridgewater where Laurie will show us how to identify medicinal plants, 
talk about their historical uses and their healing properties. We will meet at the MARC building in Bridgewater(33 Leary Fraser Road). Contact Pam for directions and more information at 530-5182 or ssyoungnaturalistclub at gmail.com. 

Watersheds and Pond Dipping
Saturday, September 22nd: 1:00-3:00pm
Jillian Isenor from the Shubenacadie Watershed Envrionmental Protection Societywill teach us about watersheds and the creatures that inhabit them. She will talk about water quality 
and habitat protection in watersheds. We will have a chance to do some 
pond dipping as well. We will meet at the Wittenburg Baptist Church. Please contact 
Wendy for more information about this event.  For more information contact Wendy at 639-2808 


Ms. Robin Musselman
Coordinator, Young Naturalists Club of Nova Scotia 
c/o The Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History
1747 Summer Street. Halifax NS B3H 3A6

YNC motto "Young Naturalists Observe and Conserve"

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