[Sust-mar] sust-mar promotional blurb, receipts for donations, plus HRM curbside giveaway Oct 20-21

Peter Watson pwatson at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon Oct 15 10:10:05 EDT 2012

Hello again Sust-mar membership,

Two last bits of sust-mar housekeeping, plus Halifax curbside giveaway this weekend:

1) Regarding sust-mar promotion, it was suggested to us to send few promotional sentences suitable for people to forward to on-line buddies and associates who could be interested in sust-mar. A great idea, so here is the exact wording of the (free) ads we have up in Halifax Kijiji and the Coast online. 


Sustainable Maritimes (sust-mar) is a free moderated email list for issues of environment and sustainability in Maritime Canada. Everyone is welcome to join.

The messages on sust-mar are contributed by the subscribers. Subscribers can send news and events, and ask questions on the list. They receive an average of one email per day.

Sust-mar is independent and non-partisan. Messages are queued in priority. There are more than 550 subscribers. 

Please visit http://www.sustainablemaritimes.ca/ to join or check us out.


If you feel like helping spread the word, please forward this blurb to friends on email, facebook, or post in your own Kijiji region or any other community space. Feel free to edit wording, or add an appropriate picture if a commumity ad space will take one. Anything sustainable will do, think photo of a farm or community garden, wind turbine or solar panel, bicycle, local market, or anything else that stokes your sustainablity imagination. 

The current halifax Kijiji ad is at this link:


2) Donation receipts: We had a couple requests for receipts, and if this would be helpful for you or your organization please send me a quick email requesting one. 

Please note: We are not a registered charity so a receipt wouldn't help with your taxes, and it would be hand written and unofficial looking. Sust-mar is run by volunteers from their computers, we dont have office supplies or even an office! As we dont have a fax machine, we would send them by regular mail, so please include your postal address.

Thanks go out again to all the wonderful sust-mar funding donors! We now have enough to cover our web hosting costs for this year and a good chunk of next year. 

Sustainable regards,



 HRM Curbside Give Away Weekend October 20-21

HRM is calling on residents to participate in Curbside Give Away Weekend.  Help discover the "Hidden Treasures" in your neighbourhood, community, and city. It's another way to RETHINK GARBAGE and protect our most precious treasure - our environment. 

What great way to clear out outgrown and underused household items - things that might be exactly what others are in looking for.

The aim of this weekend event is to reduce the amount of garbage ending up in HRM's landfill by diverting unwanted items to be re-used !  Reusing and Recycling household items instead of discarding them reduces pressures on our municipal facilities, and is a great way to not only get rid of your underused items, but to find some great treasures of your own! On Curbside Give Away Weekend: 

      a.. Place re-usable  household items at the curb in front of your home on Friday evening;
      b.. Only place items for  "FREE" with "Free" stickers or signs on items ; 
      c.. Remove leftover items from the curb by dusk on Sunday; 
        a.. Consider donating unclaimed items charitable organizations;
        b.. Place any garbage for collection on your regular garbage day and week.  Regular limits and preparation is required. 

For more information please go to: http://myhrm.ca/Resources/CurbsideGiveAway.php

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