[Sust-mar] Failing grades: The Canadian resource economy - Part 1

Christopher Majka c.majka at ns.sympatico.ca
Wed Oct 17 00:09:13 EDT 2012

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You may be interested in my recent article for Rabble.ca:

	Failing grades: The Canadian resource economy - Part 1

The first principal of effective resource economies is to not squander  
your wealth. Blowing the wad blows your financial prospectus and robs  
from future generations. Canada's record? "Lamentable."

Rather than employing sound economic measures to deal with the fallout  
of Dutch Disease and the resources curse, Harper, Oliver, and company  
do just the opposite -- a situation guaranteed to exacerbate current  
economic imbalances. The Canadian International Council report  
maintains that "the political will is lacking" in Canada to implement  
sound economic measures related to the management of resource  
revenues. However, the situation is even worse. A political will  
exists - to do precisely the wrong thing.

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