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*Please join us at the Deanery Project for these upcoming events and
**Please forward widely*
*Sealight Skylight
Monday August 12th. | 7.30pm to 12am.  | $5*

Experience glowing phosphorescent algae in the sea below and the Perseid
meteor shower in the sky above.

In the sea, phosphorescent algae are an annual phenomenon here on the
Eastern Shore. Watch as the ripples sparkle when your hand touches the
water. Scan the sky as the Perseid meteor shower reaches its peak. Learn
about what causes it, and their connection to the Swift-Tuttle comet.
Discover the wonders of the sky through telescopes and the magic of

A family friendly event with potluck desserts, music and stargazing.


*Intro to Permaculture
Principles and Practice
Saturday, August 17th. | 9.30am to 5pm.  | $70*

This workshop will provide an introduction to the founding ethics and
principles of permaculture.

Participants will be challenged to think of permaculture as not just a
collection of gardening techniques, but a practice that can be applied to
our physical and social environments to create positive change in our


*Natural Dye Workshop
Fibre Dying with Foraged & Natural Sources
Saturday, August 24th. | 10am to 5pm. | $60*

In this workshop we will explore the vibrant world of colour extracted from
natural and local sources. Together we will identify and collect plants
which are prolific dye sources, prepare fiber for permanent and light fast
dyes and experiment with methods which can turn a single source into a vast
range of colour potential. Participants will be given the knowledge to turn
their kitchen contents and back yard foliage into rainbows of colour!


*Rise & Stuff
Sourdough Bread & Sausage Making Workshop
Sunday, September 8th. | 10am to 7pm. | $60 *

Join us for a day of baking and charcuterie at the Deanery Project.
Sourdough aficionado and Gold Island Bakery proprietor Jess Ross and
prolific purveyor of perfect Pork Al Melnik will introduce workshop
participants to their processes for making Sourdough Bread and Sausages
from scratch.

Jess Ross will lead participants step by step through working with their
own sourdough starter, making a bread sponge and creating a dough ready for

Al Melnik will take us through buying and preparing cuts of meat,
seasoning, and stuffing sausages in a variety of styles.

$60 includes all supplies and dinner of Bread and Sausages (potluck items


*To Register for any of the events or workshops, or for more info Email:
thedeaneryproject at gmail.com or phone: 902-845-1888

37 Deanery Rd. Lower Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia
*www.thedeaneryproject.com | facebook.com/TheDeaneryProject*

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