[Sust-mar] Beek Keeping Workshop

Marieka Chaplin marieka.chaplin at gmail.com
Thu Aug 8 09:35:00 EDT 2013

We are hosting a Bee Keeping workshop for “Beeginners” on Saturday, August
24 from 1-5pm at Falls Brook Centre.  For more information call (506)
375-4310 or email emily at fallsbrookcentre.ca

 Our website link for this event is

 Explore the joy of interacting and learning from a hive of bees.  Greg
Lynch will teach you the basics of how bees live and reproduce while
producing honey and wax for our use.  The workshop will include:

·         Natural and artificial structure of a hive

·         Life cycle of bees

·         Evaluating the health of a hive

·         Discussion on varied beekeeping strategies

·         Practice identifying worker, drone and queen bees plus pollen,
honey and brood.
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