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*Ocean Literacy Project*

*Help improve ocean education in Nova Scotia - take the Ocean Quiz & Survey!

Click here for more information and to take the Ocean Quiz & Survey:


*What is the Ocean Literacy Project?*

We are interested in knowing what people know about ocean science, and how
people value the oceans. We are surveying people this summer at Education
Centres, Summer Camps, and Online, as part of a research project called the
‘Ocean Literacy Project’. Ocean Literacy is the understanding of the
ocean’s influence on you, and your influence on the ocean.

*How can I see the results of the Ocean Literacy Project?*

You can email the researcher (contact information below), or, visit
www.HMRI.ca for more information and updated results in the Fall of 2013.
Results of this study may be published in news, scientific papers, or

* *

*How do I contact the researcher?*

Haley Guest

Halifax Marine Research Institute/CERC

Dalhousie University, Halifax NS

HaleyGuest at gmail.com

(902) 494-4375

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