[Sust-mar] JOIN US: 2nd Extreme Energy Extraction Summit (Sept 6-10)

David Wimberly davidwimberly at eastlink.ca
Thu Aug 22 22:08:47 EDT 2013

Please join us if you can.  It'll be a good gathering of activists from 
all over the country, working on coal, oil, gas, nuclear, biomass/waste 
incineration and more.

WHO:   100 awesome grassroots activists fighting dirty energy

WHAT:  Weekend-long conference to share info, strategies, tools...

WHEN:  September 6th-10th

WHERE: Koinonia <http://www.koinoniaretreatcenter.org/> Retreat Center 
<http://www.koinoniaretreatcenter.org/> in South Haven, Minnesota 
<http://goo.gl/maps/aQBmw> (just west of Minneapolis).  There will be 
carpools from Minneapolis area / airport.

WHY:   To create a more unified movement against dirty energy, meet some 
awesome people and come back energized with new connections and ideas

HOW:   Register here: http://fs25.formsite.com/burche22/form1/

<http://fs25.formsite.com/burche22/form1/>HOW MUCH: Don't let this stop 
you.  There is a registration fee, but there is scholarship money 
available to cover travel costs and registration if you can't afford 
it.  Food and housing are covered.


The Extreme Energy Extraction (EEE) Collaborative grew out of its first 
Movement Summit held in February 2013 that brought together a diverse 
group of 70 activists fighting against energy extraction from every 
corner of the country, industry and type of organization.  The 
Collaborative aims to create a more unified movement against energy 
extraction through creating shared languages, fostering relationships 
across the diverse spectrum of groups working on the issues, and 
providing space for dialogue that allows innovative collaborations to 
form.  We envision a united movement led by front line communities and 
grassroots organizations for a just energy system, where no community is 
sacrificed for another.

For our 2nd Summit, we are inviting 100 people ranging from grassroots 
leaders to national environmental organizations, and activist funders to 
organizers, for an extended weekend of conversation to share knowledge 
and develop concrete collaborative projects that strengthen our 
movement.  There is still space for about 30 more awesome folks (yes, 
YOU) to join us, so please come!

The Collaborative is not convened by a single organization, funder, or 
coalition, but instead grew out of grassroots organizers recognizing the 
need to work together across boundaries.  The Summit will be facilitated 
by the Highlander Center for Research and Education.

Mike Ewall
Founder & Director
Energy Justice Network
mike at energyjustice.net
<http://www.energyjustice.net/donate/> <-- help us help you! Donate today.
http://www.facebook.com/mikeewall <http://www.facebook.com/mikeewall> - 
<http://www.facebook.com/energyjustice> - like :)

Natural Gas Industry Opponents (naturalgas at energyjustice.net) --http://www.energyjustice.net/naturalgas/

Invitation extended by David Wimberly
davidwimberly at eastlink.ca

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