[Sust-mar] Permaculture Course at Falls Brook Centre

Marieka Chaplin marieka.chaplin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 14:04:40 EST 2013

Falls Brook Centre (FBC) is hosting a Permaculture Design Course this
August.  That may seem far away, given the current level of snow, but this
is a 2-week residential program and interested parties will want to plan
well in advance.  I am helping FBC to get the word out and thought that
you, and others in your networks might be interested in this event.

*Permaculture Design Certificate Course 2013*

Falls Brook Centre will be offering it's inaugural permaculture design
certificate course, August 19th - September 2, 2013.

This is a residential course, in Knowlesville, NB with
Permaculturespecialist Mr. Grover Stock

Course fees include HST, meals and accommodation: $1,300 - book now!

The 2012 schedule is available at www.fallsbrookcentre.ca

For more information contact : ja at fallsbrookcentre.ca


*Permaculture is an ecological design system for sustainability in all
aspects of human endeavor. It teaches us how build natural homes, grow our
own food, restore diminished landscapes and ecosystems, catch rainwater,
build communities and much more. * *Permaculture draws from several other
disciplines including organic farming, agroforestry, sustainable
development and applied ecology.*


*During the course participants will learn about climate and micro-climate,
natural building, soils, perennial and tree crops, water in the landscape,
urban strategies, earthwork, animals, aquaculture, nurseries and so much
more...  They will complete a design project that includes the following
elements: agroforestry, animals, energy, natural building, rainwater,
greywater and sheet mulching.*

*Marieka Chaplin*
684 Tripp Settlement Road
Keswick Ridge, NB
(506) 363-2262

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