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Join Dr. Richard Komp on June 15 & 16 to explore the science and practical application of solar energy.  Topics to be covered include:
* The basics of photovoltaic technologies
* Building a solar panel
* Repairing damaged solar panels
* The basics of installing a PV system

* Explore Falls Brook Centre's beautiful site including numerous renewable energy installations.
* A home cooked lunch both Saturday and Sunday

Register with Greg Lynch, Renewable Energy Coordinator
greg at fallsbrookcentre.ca

Register now for Falls Brook Centre's permaculture design course.  This is a 2-week long residential program taking place at the Centre.  The Certificate Course includes organic agriculture, natural building, renewable energy and much more.  Permaculture Certificate Course from Aug. 19 - Sept. 2

Another successful Shiitake Mushroom Workshop!
Thanks to the 23 participants who joined us in the heavy rain on Saturday and to David Boyle for sharing his time and his knowledge of fungi.  Good luck growing your new fun-guys!

Wilderness Night Hike, June 16
The natural world comes alive with different wildlife at night.  Different senses also come alive in us as we walk through the woods at night time.  Smells and sounds are more acute and we can experience the world in a new way.

Woodlot Restoration Workshop, June 22
Learn from a forest expert about woodlot restoration and conservation.  Use forest restoration techniques to restore natural spaces from backyards to managed forests and clearcuts.

Laundry Detergent
The staff at Falls Brook Centre have made, and use this laundry detergent recipe with great success:

Mix together:
* 1 box borax
* 1 box washing soda
* 2 bars (grated) natural soap
* 4 boxes baking soda

- Use 2 tblsp per load


emily at fallsbrookcentre.ca

** Spring Clean Your Home To Better Health
It’s that time of year.  Dig out the rubber gloves and scrub away the dust accumulated during winter home-hibernation.  Unfortunately, spring cleaning for many people leaves their homes more toxic than before the washing and dusting took place.

Many of the cleaning products we find on the shelves of grocery and large chain stores contain chemicals which are harmful to our health and the natural environment.

For example, many brand name cleaners which are fragranced contain chemical compounds called phthalates which have been found to disrupt hormones in mammals.

Read more... (http://fallsbrookcentre.us5.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=9650845d354435e72d34ccdae&id=e9dc8e1ca5&e=e999f586c2)

** Opening Doors: Education Team Update
The Falls Brook Centre Education team had an engaged winter, learning with students at 16 schools from John Caldwell School in Grand Falls down to Cambridge-Narrows Community School.

Despite the cold winter weather we were able to facilitate environmental education by focusing on how schools can reduce their energy, water and waste consumption.

Read more... (http://fallsbrookcentre.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=9650845d354435e72d34ccdae&id=fec8610ea1&e=e999f586c2)


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