[Sust-mar] HRM Sub-division policy push-back action Nov. 9

Roger Davies rogerdavies at eastlink.ca
Wed Nov 6 11:18:18 EST 2013

Boscobel on the Arm sub-division, off the Purcell's Cove
has been a disaster for the community and the environment.

Come to a community "chalk-in" this Saturday at 1 P.M.  to
give voice to your response to sub-division policy and practices
in HRM.

Boscobel  -- Hearthwood Crescent -- is a kilometer past
William's Lake Rd, on Purcell's Cove Road.

To see a poster of the event:  http://www.mediafire.com/?4jjtjw2zs5s2azf
To view a slideshow of the whole debacle:   http://rldavies.jalbum.net/Boscobel/
Want more information?   rogerdavies at eastlink.ca

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