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Falls Brook Centre Has Moved
After 21 years in Knowlesville, Falls Brook Centre has moved. Our new site is located at 426 West Glassville Road. The new 95 acre site includes a beautiful farmhouse, a small barn, a bunk house and garage, not to mention the pastureland and woodlot.

With this new site comes plenty of opportunity. We will be doing lots of treeplanting, restoring a wetland and of course all of our courses and workshops throughout the year. With the building and development of the new site watch for new workshops this year too. Of course Falls Brook Centre will continue to be a demonstration site. With this new location we will be demonstrating how to develop a sustainable rural life.

We hope you will all help us on this new adventure and that we can all learn a lot along the way. We look forward to having you all out to meet us at 426 West Glassville Road!
Ash Basketry Workshop is FULL
November 16

Course participants will make their own ash shopping basket with Jamie Buxton of Birch Street Studio.  Mr. Buxton sustainably harvests the ash from his Acadian Forest woodlot in Carleton County.

Course participants will be using a sharp knife.  The ash basketparticipants take home will measure approximately 12 x 8 x 6 inches
The course is full but we plan to offer another ash basket making course in 2014.

Falls Brook Centre's Youth Entrepreneurship Project
Got Skillz
December 7, Saint John
10am - 5pm

10am: Cory Richardson (Hanging HUGS)

Sew easy, sew amazing... recreate clothing by hand and using a sewing machine. We'll have clothes and fabrics for you to remake, or you can bring your own to renew.

www.hanginghugs.com  (http://fallsbrookcentre.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=9650845d354435e72d34ccdae&id=b5e9862a1b&e=e999f586c2)

1pm: Carolyn Hocquard, sustainable food advocate.

Demonstration on how to ferment veggies, with info about health benefits and fermenting in other cultures.

http://fallsbrookcentre.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=9650845d354435e72d34ccdae&id=04a6e186ae&e=e999f586c2  (http://fallsbrookcentre.us5.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=9650845d354435e72d34ccdae&id=32df70af42&e=e999f586c2)

3pm. Presentations to review what was experienced with Avi Miller, Darren Robichaud, and Woody Thompson.

Circle to network visions for a new economy.

Falls Brook Centre in Charlotte County
Falls Brook Centre collaborated with the Ganong Nature Park in St. Stephen, NB this fall.  This resulted in the planting of 435 native tree species in coastal areas at risk of erosion.  210 of the trees were planted along Denis Stream feeding in to the St. Croix estuary, 170 were planted along the coastline at the Ganong Nature Park and 55 were planted on private coastal land in Bocabec Bay.  Special thanks to all the students and staff who helped us from St. Stephen University, Fundy High School and St. Stephen High School.
The native tree species planted were eastern white cedar, white spruce, chokeberry, roses, white pine, white birch and white ash.

Executive Director
Marc Gionet comes to the Falls Brook Centre from St. Thomas University, Fredericton, where he served as the Atlantic Human Rights Director as well as a faculty member in the human rights program and political science department.

Having worked on and researched community development projects in Latin America, Europe, as well as Canada and the US, Marc is very excited to put his experimental knowledge to use in his home province under the auspices of FBC.
Ash Basketry Workshop (http://fallsbrookcentre.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=9650845d354435e72d34ccdae&id=165c4785f0&e=e999f586c2)

Mr. John Best, a past participant in an Ash Basketry Workshop
Save our New Contact Details

Mailing address:

Falls Brook Centre
426 West Glassville Road
West Glassville, NB
E7L 1W4

Phone: (506) 246-1114
Fax: (506) 246-1116

An Active Community

Through support from Healthy and Inclusive Communities with the Province of NB, Falls Brook Centre has initiated two evening community events in Keswick Ridge.  On Tuesday evenings Brenda Parks teaches Adult Hatha Yoga at the Keswick Ridge School.  On Thursday evenings Jessica Miller is the coach/sport facilitator for a Thursday Sport Night for children aged 4-10.

Both events are well attended.  Special thanks to the Keswick Ridge School and the Keswick Recreation Association for partnering with Falls Brook Centre to orchestrate these events.

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