[Sust-mar] Petition to save HRM's pesticide bylaw

Peter Watson pwatson at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Apr 3 16:39:18 EDT 2014

There is now a petition to save HRM's pesticide bylaw. Anyone interested in signing this petition can go to this link (before April 15):


Brief background:

HRM is voting to replace our Halifax Pesticide Bylaw by weak Provincial Legislation, using the incorrect reason that the Provincial Legislation is enough. These are complementary laws and we need both. HRM's pesticide bylaw was put in place several years ago, with many people working diligently to draft and enact it.

If the HRM scraps the Pesticide Bylaw we will lose:

1)Mandatory buffer zones around schools, daycares, hospitals, clinics, 
senior citizens' residences, universities and churches.

2)Pre-signage before more dangerous pesticides are used - eliminating 
our ability to avoid involuntary pesticide exposure.

3)Pre-notification when more toxic pesticide products are used.

4)The permitting process

Also please write or phone our Mayor (and you councillor) immediately to *ask HRM to keep our 
successful Pesticide Bylaw*.

Phone: 490- 4010; email:mayor at halifax.ca;

More details and background information, along with a sample letter, can be found in this sust-mar post: 


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