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Phil Ferraro adapt at pei.aibn.com
Wed Aug 6 14:34:18 EDT 2014

Farm Centre to Host Leadership Training in Sustainability
On August 22, 23 & 24 the Institute for Bioregional Studies and the PEI 
Farm Centre Association will sponsor a Global Transition Leadership 
Training seminar at the Farm Centre in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

The global Transition movement began in 2005 when a group of concerned 
citizens met to discuss ways to encourage individuals to join together 
and collectively develop solutions to problems like the economic crisis, 
climate change and imminent depletion of our food sources and natural 
resources. Transition members work together to increase economic 
resiliency by building local renewable energy infrastructure,  support a 
healthy regional food system and forge mutually-supportive connections. 
Thousands of people from 44 countries around the globe are now engaged 
in Global Transition Network activities.

Two highly experienced transition trainers, Tina Clarke and Dr. Alastair 
Lough will be facilitating the course at the Farm Centre in PEI this 

Clarke is a co-founder of the "All Things Local" Coop in Amherst, 
Massachusetts; a consultant at the Sustainability Institute; and a 
former Director for the Clean Water Action Initiative where she 
developed programs illustrating how leaders and community action groups 
can heighten awareness of the effects of toxic chemicals on the 
environment, environmental justice, global warming and climate change. 
She has been described as the most experienced Transition trainer in the 

Dr. Alastair Lough has a PhD. in Natural Resource Management and is a 
co-founder of the Transition Center in Portland, Maine.

Clarke and Lough's combined experiences offer decades of organizational 
behaviour, group facilitation, visioning process, event planning and 
environmental leadership.

The course teaches the fundamentals of setting up, running, and 
maintaining  successful Transition Initiatives. It is intended to train 
community leaders, working group members and individuals who plan on 
introducing and implementing Transition initiatives in their 
communities, It is packed with imaginative and inspiring ways to delve 
into both the theory and practice of Transitioning.

The Leadership Training schedule includes a public presentation and 
celebration on Friday August 22 from 6 - 9:00 pm.  On Saturday and 
Sunday, August 23 - 24 the training workshops run from 9:00 am to 5:30 
pm. Lunch will be provided both days. All activities will take place at 
the PEI Farm Centre, 420 University Avenue Charlottetown, Prince Edward 

Registration is $145. A limited number of scholarships are available. To 
register contact: Marie LaVie at marie at peifarmcentre.com
For more information see attached pdf document or contact: phil at ibspei.ca


Phil Ferraro, Executive Director, Prince Edward Island ADAPT Council
c/o The Farm Centre, 420 University Avenue, Room 103
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Canada  C1A 7Z5
Phone: (902) 368-2005; Fax:  (902) 368-1570
Email: phil at peiadapt.com; Internet: www.peiadapt.com

The Mission of the PEI ADAPT Council is to
help agri-entrepreneurs grow.
Our vision is a thriving agricultural industry that is
sustainable and diverse.

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