[Sust-mar] Film Screening: Occupy Love-Fri. Feb. 21, Mahone Bay Centre, Mahone Bay, NS

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Sun Feb 9 08:32:14 EST 2014

South Shore Chapter of the Council of Canadians



The screening of *OCCUPY LOVE: REVOLUTION OF THE HEART* will be the second
film event of 2014 organized by the South Shore Chapter of the Council of
Canadians. It is directed by Velcrow Ripper who also made the award-winning
documentaries, *Sacred Sacred*, followed by *Fierce Light: When Spirit
Meets Action*. It is a community-funded film produced in association with
Super Channel and The Canada Media Fund.

*Occupy Love* poses an unusual question as the basis of its investigation
into the motivations that drove the Occupy Movement: "How are the economic
and ecological crises we are facing today a great love story?" According to
the film's website, the purpose of this documentary is "to both reflect and
catalyze this global awakening to a world that works for all life, a world
of economic and ecological justice." The old paradigm where the
concentration of wealth is in the pockets of a few is collapsing. It has
become clear that endless growth on a finite planet is not sustainable.

To this end, the film provides numerous entry points into being part of
this global awakening by interviewing people from all walks of life, young
and old, who took part in the Occupy Movement. Of special interest are the
voices of aboriginal elders who help explain what, at first, seems like an
unlikely and radical premise for the film. The elders do this by
transforming the question about the economic and ecological crises as a
love story using the tested but often ignored wisdom of indigenous cultures
and their relationship with Mother Earth. Many creative artists are
featured in the film as well, including the performance artist Reverend
Billy and his gospel choir from the "Church of Stop Shopping"--not to be
missed for both their musical power and political humour.

The screening of the film will start at *7:00 p.m. Friday February 21st* at
the Mahone Bay Centre. Everyone is welcome to attend and then join the open
discussion. Refreshments, including Fair Trade coffee, will be served.
Admission is free but donations will be accepted to help cover room rental
and refreshment costs. For information about the event, contact the South
Shore Chapter of the Council of Canadians at southshore.coc at gmail.com .

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