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*/Building Community Resilience to Global Challenges/**/
/*transitionbay.ca <http://transitionbay.ca>
             5 January 2014

Dear Friends,

As we move into a new year, we are pleased to invite you to a Friday 
evening event, and a popular weekend workshop in Halifax in mid-January.

_Friday Evening Conversation:_*Inner Transition: Community Connections 
in a Time of Change* on Friday, Jan. 17, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

How can we strengthen community connections in a time of stress and 
change?What enables us to stay cheerful and strong, and even increase 
our quality of life?Join us for an exploration of the physiology, 
psychology, attitudes, and practices that support inner resilience and 
greater happiness, and stronger, more caring relationships in our community.


_Saturday-Sunday Weekend Workshop:_*Training For Transition *on January 
18-19, 2014. Applications are now being accepted.Space is limited, so 
apply early to ensure a spot.Full information: 

Learn how to support community-led responses to climate change and 
shrinking supplies of cheap energy while building community resilience. 
This is an extraordinary skills and knowledge building program.

Past participants to this workshop have found that by inviting 4-5 of 
their neighbors to join them in attending has made an enormous 
difference in the success of their community resilience-building. In 
order to support us in creating stronger teams in our towns and 
neighborhoods, the trainers have agreed to offer a 15% discount for 
additional people from the same community.

Be sure not to miss this regional gathering of thoughtful, engaged 
citizens working for stronger communities. Our weekend together is an 
opportunity for networking, sharing ideas, and strategic planning. And 
our two trainers are both excellent.

More details below.  Please do share this.
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*January 18-19, 2014*

*Shambhala School, 5450 Russell St., Halifax, Nova Scotia 
www.shambhalaschool.org <http://www.shambhalaschool.org> *

The Transition movement is a global grassroots network of communities in 
43 countries-- people taking positive, creative action to build local 
resilience. Neighbors come together to create a stronger community, 
improve economic well-being, reduce oil dependency, and increase local 
food production, local energy, local jobs, mutual support, and 
security.In the face of multiple, complex challenges and change, 
Transition is a positive, thoughtful, engaging and effective response 
that helps people work together to improve their quality of life.Every 
community is unique and creates its own transition.The Transition 
Network helps us share projects, ideas, experiences, strategies and 

Transition Bay St Margarets (www.transitionbay.ca 
<http://www.transitionbay.ca>) is offering the Launch Training course 
developed by the Transition Network (www.TransitionNetwork.org 
<http://www.transitionnetwork.org/>) and taught around the world.  This 
participatory, 15-hour course is an in-depth experiential introduction 
to the ideas, process, and practices that have inspired tens of 
thousands of people and catalyzed a rapidly-growing global network.In 
the course you will:

    • Explore ways to increase community resilience

    • Learn to describe the challenges of our time in ways that bring
    people together and inspire action

    • Receive tools for community outreach, education, and collaboration

    • Learn ways to overcome obstacles that prevent communities from
    responding to the challenges

    • Learn how to support existing leadership and expand the number and
    diversity of people involved

    • Meet others who share your concerns and want to transition to
    greater stability and security

    • Become a part of a rapidly growing positive, inspirational, global

*Curriculum:*Learn how to initiate, support, and facilitate community 
transition to greater resilience.It is full of imaginative and inspiring 
ways to engage your community, and delves into the principles and 
practices of Transition that are helping thousands of communities in 43 
countries worldwide. *//*

*Who should attend*: Anyone wanting to help transition their community 
to greater resilience. People already building resilience in their 
community who want to deepen their work, mutual support, and collaboration.

*Instructors:*Certified Transition Trainers Tina Clarke (Transition 
Amherst, Mass.) & Sally Ludwig (Transition Guelph)

*Cost:*$150. $60 for under 30 year olds.Lunches, refreshments, and 
materials included.  If you can donate for scholarships, your generosity 
will help those with low incomes to attend! Ask if you need a 
scholarship.Bring a friend for best results in starting your own 
Transition Initiative.

*Registration/Questions:*Send a note and your registration fee, plus 
scholarship donation (if you can) to: David Wimberly, 15 Schooner Cove 
Rd., Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS B3Z2B3.Make your cheque out to: 
Transition Bay St Margarets.Email and e-payments 
to:*info at transitionbay.ca <mailto:info at transitionbay.ca>*Phone: 



*Inner Transition:**
Community Connections in a Time of Change*

*January 17^th 7:00 p.m. All Invited*

*Halifax Shambhala Centre, 1084 Tower Road*

*$10.Generosity policy applies. No one turned away.*

*Join us for an evening exploring the inner aspects of the external 
change towards a sustainable future.*

How can we strengthen community connections in a time of stress and 
change?What enables us to stay cheerful and strong, and even increase 
our quality of life?We will contemplate and discuss the physiology, 
psychology, attitudes, and practices that support inner resilience and 
greater happiness, and stronger, more caring relationships in our community.

*Transition Towns* is a vibrant, global grassroots movement bringing 
people together to build community resilience. Economic instability, 
climate change, growing inequality and poverty, and long-term energy 
costs pose enormous challenges that require bigger, more creative 
solutions. Local action has become essential. The Transition movement is 
a fast-growing, bottom-up response that has spread virally across the 
world. The Transition approach engages large numbers of community 
members in increasing local resilience and economic vitality.Thousands 
of communities in 44 countries are using and exploring this positive, 
solutions-focused approach.

Inner Transition/* then supports the inner stages of the change process, 
particularly acknowledging and respecting the huge amount that goes on 
under the surface as we come to terms with really shifting our 
worldview. For some, Transition is all about doing stuff - actually 
building the relocalized infrastructure of food and energy and so on. 
It's interesting to turn that around and ask - what if Transition is 
more deeply about changing people's world view - what if the major 
output of a Transition process is that people who saw the reality of our 
present situation are now making decisions in businesses, government, 
services, and so on? In a way, the most powerful change we make is the 
one that determines everything about how we act - our assumptions about 
the world and our place in it. Inner change as a tangible, meaningful 
product of Transition - which might perhaps have as much weight in 
shaping the future as the tons of carbon saved.

You are invited to be a part of a positive, fun, caring, global 
community of neighbors – all of us working to help our communities and 
heal the earth.

Led by Sally Ludwig of Transition Guelph, Ontario, and Tina Clarke, of 
Transition Amherst, Massachusetts; both highly experienced and inspiring 
Certified Transition Trainers.

For more information: www.transitionbay.ca <http://www.transitionbay.ca> 
and www.TransitionNetwork.org <http://www.TransitionNetwork.org>

Contact:David Wimberly, info at transitionbay.ca 
<mailto:info at transitionbay.ca> or 826-7846

Cheerful Transitions,
David Wimberly
*Program Director*
*//*Transition Bay St Margarets*/
davidwimberly at eastlink.ca <mailto:davidwimberly at eastlink.ca>
902-826-7846 <tel:902-826-7846>

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