[Sust-mar] HFX: Free hen-keeping workshop, March 29th

Nyima Wimberly nyima.wongchuk at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 11:58:42 EDT 2014

Hen-keeping: A free introductory workshop
1-4pm, Saturday March 29th
Plan B Merchant Co-Op, 2180 Gottingen St, Halifax

Raising hens is easy, fun, and has been part of human life in rural and
urban areas for thousands of years. Hens not only make good pets, they
provide you with fresh eggs and fertilizer for your lawn or garden. And
while it can be a healthy and enjoyable part of your life and community,
it's necessary to understand the time-commitments, best-practices, and
easy-to-avoid pitfalls of hen keeping before you start.

In this free introductory workshop, you'll learn the basics of keeping a
flock of hens, including:
-How to avoid serious problems like vermin or odours.
-Requirements for a coop and chicken run.
-Daily time and care needed to keep your hens healthy.
-Feeding, watering, and handling of hens.
-Protecting your flock from predators.
-Local laws, rights, and responsibilities.
-Local resources on hen keeping, including mentors.
-Common health issues.
-And the will be extensive time for questions, hens on-site to handle, and
much more.

The presenter, John Wimberly, has been raising hens in urban Halifax for
several years. He is a life-long activist, and has recently been focused on
advocating and educating on hen keeping (especially in urban settings) and
building community resilience.

The workshop is free, though donations are gratefully accepted to offset
the costs of the workshop and for the production and distribution of
educational and advocacy materials.

Please RSVP at www.facebook.com/events/614544761958660/
For more information, message HFX HENS at facebook.com/HFXHENS
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