[Sust-mar] sust-mar no attachment rule dropped

Peter Watson pwatson at ns.sympatico.ca
Tue Nov 4 22:50:17 EST 2014

Hello sust-mar subscribers,

Just giving a quick update that the we've dropped the 'no attachments' rule on sust-mar and have altered the configurations to allow attachments and HTML.

Please note: It is still in your best interests to include all essential information in text format, as that ensures your message will have more readers. Many readers probably wont bother opening attachments, and not every computer can handle all varieties of formatting. But every year a higher percentage of messages are being submitted with attachments, fancy fonts and multiple formats, and many have to be sent back. It's at the point where it feels futile continuing to fight against this trend, so you are free to take your chances and submit in whatever format you wish. But we still recommend text.

If there's an overwhelming resistance to this policy please let us know at sust-mar-owner at list.web.net . But in 2014 we're thinking that most if not all subscribers are no longer on dialup connections, and can handle far more kb coming in than was the case 10 years ago when the size limit and text only policies were put in place.

Best wishes for the oncoming winter!

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