[Sust-mar] Mawqatmuti'kw Journal

Joshua McNeely jmcneely at mapcorg.ca
Thu Aug 13 12:20:47 EDT 2015

Hello Sustainable Maritimers!  


I'm excited to announce that we at IKANAWTIKET and the Maritime Aboriginal
Aquatic Resources Secretariate have published the next issue of the
Mawqatmuti'kw Journal.  It is available for reading or download at either
www.ikanawtiket.ca or www.mapcorg.ca/publications. 




Joshua McNeely

Executive Director


172 Truro Heights Road

Truro Heights, NS  B6L 1X1


Tel:  1.902.895.2982

Fax: 1.902.895.2844

e-mail:  jmcneely at mapcorg.ca

web:      www.ikanawtiket.ca <http://www.ikanawtiket.ca/> 




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